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Meet one-on-one in a video chat to go over your goals and questions about blogging, Pinterest, or Instagram. Before we meet, I will dig into your account and write down tips to help you reach your goals. We will go over the audit (you get a copy!), and I will answer any questions you have when we meet.

As a former teacher, I bring my passion for teaching to each of these consultations. Whether you are feeling stuck in your growth, just starting out and have no idea what you are doing (been there!), or looking to start monetizing, I’m here to help you crush your goals!

What do you get?
– Blog Consultation: Dig into your current blog posts, SEO strategies, promotion strategies and more
– Pinterest Consultation: Dig into your current pinning strategies, pin designs, pin descriptions, and more
– Instagram Consultation: Dig into your feed, captions, bio, hashtags, engagement strategies, monetization strategies, and more

Why work with me?
– In 2019, I grew my blog from 700 page views a month to over 50,000 page views a month
– In 4 months, I grew my Pinterest from 150K to over 900K monthly viewers
– In 4 months, my Pinterest traffic grew from 1,200 clicks a month to over 10,000 clicks a month
– My Instagram and blog have allowed me to collaborate with travel and fashion brands
– For a second Pinterest account I now run, I grew the account from 500K monthly viewers and 20 clicks a day to just shy of a million monthly viewers and 200 clicks a day in just 6 weeks
– For a second blog I run for freelance work, I grew the page views from 6,000 to 13,000 in just two months

***All times are approximate meaning they may be a little shorter or a little longer than the exact times given. I will not cut you off if we are in the middle of something just because time is up. However, if you book a 30 minute consultation, do not expect to get an hour consultation. If you realize you need more time or want a follow up, you can always book a second session later.

All consultations are non-refundable. However, if I feel like I cannot offer enough value after looking over your blog, Pinterest, and/or Instagram, I will reach out to you so that you can decide if you want to continue or not.

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    1. I was completely overwhelmed with SEO and with using Pinterest and Tailwind to drive traffic to my site. I scheduled a one-on-one consultation with Christine, and it was absolutely the smartest thing I could have ever done for my business. Christine took the time to do a complete audit of my website and social media channels. She then consulted me with a deep dive into how my site and channels were organized, how to deal with juggling multiple topics, and how to drive traffic to my site with best SEO practices.

      Christine gave me sound advice that related directly to my content and market sectors while also providing educated criticism of how I was presenting my brand on the website and on social media. She didn’t just criticize. She gave me solid insight on what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. She provided specific examples of ways I could improve my presentation and solid tips and advice on how to see quick results.

      I am very impressed with Christine’s expertise, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her. Her personal results add validity to her level of knowledge. In other words, she practices what she preaches, and this shows when you look at her successful online business. Knowing that she provides so much value, I will most definitely schedule more consultations. In a heartbeat, I would happily purchase any tools or other collateral that she sells because I know it will help my growing online business.

      I would highly recommend Christine’s articles, tools, and one-on-one consultations to anyone interested in improving the overall profile of their brand and to anyone looking to monetize their online business.

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