How to Casino Status Match Your Way to Free Cruises and Travel

If you had told me last year that one $95 annual fee business card could end up getting me 50+ free nights of travel including several free cruises, I never would have believed you.

But now here I am with two free cruises so far, several free nights in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, a free stay in the Bahamas, and more.

How did I get here? Through the casino status match merry go round.

Wyndham Business Earner Card to Casino Status Match

The Wyndham Business Earner card is offered by Barclays. This card costs $95 a year, and it is a business credit card (but you would be surprised what counts as a business).

Benefits of Wyndham Business Earner Card

Wyndham and Caesars have a partnership. The card gives you Diamond with Wyndham which gives you Diamond with Caesars once you match them.

Perks of Wyndham Diamond Status

In addition to the normal perks offered to lower tiers, Diamond members get early check in and late check out if requested and available and no resort fees.

Match Caesars Diamond to Other Casinos

Go to Atlantic City and match to Ocean Prime and Hard Rock Royalty or go to Vegas and match to Hard Rock Unity. You can also match to MGM, but make sure you can match to MGM Gold.

What You’ll Get from Casino Status Matches

– $100 dining credit at Caesars properties – 2 nights free at Caesars Palace Dubai - Up to 5 nights at Atlantis in the Bahamas - Free 7 night cruise with MSC Cruises - And lots more!

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