At the Sun Gate looking out over Machu Picchu

Welcome to I am Christine Wheeler, a teacher, traveler, and runner. Taught a love of travel at a young age, my husband, Eric, and I knew we wanted to continue seeing the world together. Our parents started us on road trips around the United States and some international travel as kids, and we both served on mission trips in the United States and overseas in high school and college. We married in 2010 and have been traveling every chance we get while still working full-time jobs for the last eight years. Luckily, we both get quite a bit of time off, so we are able to take at least one big trip a year plus a few smaller/shorter trips. We are at 45 countries and counting on six continents.

At the finish line of the Chicago Marathon in 2016

Four years ago, I started a fitness journey after struggling to keep up in China and realizing my lack of fitness was impacting our travels. I started running and eating healthier (although I still have a weak spot for sweets, especially ice cream!). I built up to my first marathon in October 2016 in Chicago, and now add destination races to our travels. I have run two marathons and 11 half marathons throughout Florida and in Tennessee, California, and Illinois. I enjoy running in the cities we visit and seeing them from a different angle than I would have before my fitness journey.

Our blog will feature our adventures around the globe, tips and tricks to grow your Instagram, my journey to becoming a faster runner and living a healthier life, tips and tricks for travel and running, our essentials from apps to must-have supplies, and destination, company, hotel, and race reviews.

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