Regent Street is one of the best streets in London for Christmas lights. Click here for the full list!

Where to Find the Best Christmas Lights in London in 2020

If you are spending time around Christmas in London, you are in for a treat. London has the best Christmas lights and Christmas decorations of any city I have ever seen. London in general should be on your travel bucket list, but London at Christmas deserves a spot as well.

Luckily, the Christmas lights in London stay up for weeks before Christmas and even a week or two after Christmas. Our visit to London in December and January included as many Christmas lights as we could possibly squeeze in along with all of London’s best spots (find our 3 day itinerary here!).

To find the best Christmas lights in London, you do not have to look very hard. Many of the best streets for Christmas lights are all connected and close to each other. You can easily see most of these in just a couple of evenings. If you are wanting them to yourself for pictures though, go early in the morning.

Here you will find the ultimate guide to Christmas Lights in London including where to find the best Christmas Lights in London in 2019 (and which ones to skip). Also included in this post is a map to show where these locations are and to make it even easier to plan your magical Christmas in London.

Click here for a guide to all the best Christmas lights for a perfect Christmas in London including a free map!

How to Find the Best Christmas Lights in London in 2019

Regent Street Christmas Lights

Start: Thursday, November 14, 2019
End: First Weekend in January
Closest Tube Station: Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus
Verdict: MUST SEE

The Regent Street Christmas lights are a must for anyone in London at Christmas. Christmas angels span the street, one of London’s main shopping streets in the West End.

The “Spirit of Christmas” display is one of the biggest and best known of the Christmas light displays, and this shows in the crowds that gather. Because it takes a while to put them up and bring them back down, they are likely to be up before and after this but not turned on at night.

The night the Christmas lights turn on is a full event. The Regent Street Christmas lights for 2019 turn on the evening of November 14, 2019. Traffic is diverted to keep it a pedestrian street from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.

In 2019, the musical acts performing during the turn on event at Regent Street include The Script, Maisie Peters, and the cast of A Christmas Carol alongside Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden. As this is one of London’s most popular Christmas-related events, expect large crowds to gather and watch the angels come to life.

Regent Street's Christmas are some of the best in London with angels hung across the street. Check out all the best London Christmas lights here (+ a free map!)
Regent Street’s angels at sunrise

If you prefer seeing the Regent Street Christmas lights in a more quiet setting, your best bet is to go early in the morning. We went at night in the rain the first time we saw them around 8 p.m. Locals and tourists filled the sidewalks and crosswalks.

If you want the picture in the divider in the middle of the road, it is harder to get in the evening with the crowds out shopping, enjoying the lights, and going home from work. In the mornings, less people are around and there is less traffic in the background as well.

The best time to go for the street to be empty is on a weekend morning. A weekday morning also works, but you will have some locals hurrying to get to work on time. When we went back to try again, we went on a Saturday morning.

The angels are still on even just after sunrise. The streets were pretty empty other than a handful of people walking by. Traffic was almost non-existent other than the iconic double-decker buses and black taxi cabs.

If you can only see one Christmas light display in London, go see Regent Street. If you have just an hour though, you can see Regent Street as well as some of the other nearby streets such as our other favorite street, Oxford Street. The intersection of Oxford Street and Regent Street makes for magical Christmas light displays in every direction.

Regent Street's Christmas angels at sunrise when the streets are empty. Find all the best London Christmas lights locations and tips here (plus a free map!)
Regent Street’s Christmas lights at sunrise
The "Spirit of Christmas" angels across Regent Street at night are one of London's best Christmas displays. Check out this list for all the best Christmas in London locations (plus a free map!).
“The Spirit of Christmas” at night on Regent Street

Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Start: November 21, 2019
End: First Weekend in January
Closest Tube Station: Oxford Circus or Marble Arch
Verdict: MUST SEE

The Oxford Street Christmas lights usually switch on in early November, making them the first Christmas lights turned on in London. This year, they are among the last of the lights due to an entire new display.

The new Oxford Street Christmas lights turn on the evening of November 21, 2019. The event is usually huge, drawing a million people to the area. In addition to switching the lights on, there is often entertainment and shopping deals on the popular shopping street. For more information about the event, click here.

Each year, the theme changes slightly, but this year there is a whole new display. Gone are the large balls of lights looking like large snowballs strung across the street. Starting in 2019, 27 LED light curtains containing 220,000 lights will adorn the streets.

The new design makes it easy to display a variety of colors and patterns throughout the time the lights are on. Artist’s renditions released ahead of time have a look similar to the Northern Lights. The biggest display is likely to still be at the intersection of Oxford Street and Regent Street though.

Again, due to the popularity of this display and the popularity of the street in general, the evening time with London’s early winter sunset time brings out crowds to enjoy the display. If you want to avoid the crowds, go in the early morning or just after sunrise, especially on the weekends. The Christmas lights do not turn off at night, so you don’t have to worry about the lights being off if you go in the early morning hours.

Oxford Street is one of the prettiest streets in London at Christmas. Find all the best London Christmas decorations here with a free map to help you plan your Christmas in London.
Christmas lights on Oxford Street
Oxford Street's Christmas lights at the intersection with Regent Street. Find all the best places to see Christmas lights in London here with a free map to plan your Christmas in London.
Oxford Street at Regent Street
London's Oxford Street is one of the most popular streets for London Christmas lights. Click here for a full list of the best Christmas lights in London (+ a free map!)
The intersection of Oxford Street and Regent Street at sunrise

New Bond Street

Start: By November 21 (usually coincides with Oxford Street)
End: First Weekend in January
Closest Tube Station: Bond Street or Oxford Circus
Verdict: SEE THEM (while at Oxford Street)

The Christmas lights on New Bond Street were another favorite. It might have something to do with the fact that they are less popular but so close to Oxford Street and Regent Street.

Walking around this area, many of the side streets have some sort of Christmas lights or decorations. Sometimes the lights go across the street and other times it is individual stores and businesses that decorated for the holidays. This is how we found New Bond Street.

New Bond Street’s theme the last few years related to peacocks. The peacock feather lights stretch out over the streets with a unique circular peacock feather design every so often down the street.

The street is not crowded, even in the evening rush of crowds filling Oxford Street. It allows you to step away and find some peace and quiet after the craziness of Oxford Street and Regent Street with their holiday crowds.

If you plan to stop by Oxford Street, check out Bond Street while you are there. Most people don’t go to the area for Bond Street alone. Most seem to take a quick picture from Oxford Street, but make sure to take time to walk down the street a few blocks to see the different designs.

While you are at New Bond Street, stop by St. Christopher’s Place too. This pedestrian-only shopping street is just north of the Bond Street station. Christmas lights cover it starting in mid-November (November 15, 2018).

Because it is a narrow street and a popular shopping street, it stays crowded during store hours. Visit when the stores are closed for less people in your pictures.

New Bond Street's peacock themed Christmas lights - click here for all the best Christmas lights in London with a free map!
Bond Street’s Peacock Theme
Fenwick Bond Street with the peacock themed Christmas lights. Click here for a list of London's best Christmas lights including a free map!
Fenwick Bond Street
Peacock feathers made of Christmas lights arch over Bond Street at Christmas in London. Click here for a full list of London's best Christmas lights including a free map.
Bond Street

Piccadilly Circus

Start: November 14, 2019 (same as Regent Street each year)
End: First Weekend in January
Closest Tube Station: Piccadilly Circus
Verdict: SEE THEM (while at Regent Street)

The “Spirit of Christmas” display is not limited to the popular section of Regent Street from Oxford Street to Piccadilly Circus. It actually continues on Regent Street past Piccadilly Circus and on Piccadilly as well.

If you plan to visit Regent Street, head down to Piccadilly Circus to see the display with less people around. The angels still hang above the streets, sparkling throughout the night, but there are less people on the other side streets and on this part of Regent Street.

If you want a picture with the angels above you, this area might work better for you during the crowded evening hours. The crowds stick mostly to the main section of Regent Street, so the area past Piccadilly Circus is mostly empty. The angels also go down Piccadilly, so you have multiple options if you start in Piccadilly Circus. If one of the streets is too crowded, just pick another street to use.

Angels made of Christmas lights near Piccadilly Circus at Christmas. Find all the best London photo spots at Christmas here plus a free map!
Piccadilly at Christmas

Coppa Club Igloos

Start: October 17, 2019
End: Year round but winter igloos typically end in spring (March/April)
Closest Tube Station: Tower Hill
Verdict: MUST SEE

The igloos at Coppa Club’s Tower Bridge location are up all year long. In the summer, they are opened up and have a summer theme. In the winter, they are fully enclosed to keep you warm inside and offer a perfect view of Tower Bridge from the warmth of the igloo.

The winter-themed igloos typically open in October and close in late spring. The theme typically involves some lights to give it an extra magical feeling. In 2019 and 2020, the winter theme is a woodlands theme with candles, blankets, evergreen trees, and cruelty-free sheepskin rugs.

There is no extra cost to dine in the igloos, and the prices are normal London food prices. If you plan to eat in the Coppa Club igloos, book an igloo as soon as possible. They tend to release a few months at a time and fill up quickly.

Keep checking back if reservations are not open yet for when you plan to go. Even if the reservations are all taken, check back a day or two in advance to see if there are any last minute cancellations. If you can’t get a reservation, click here to find out how to eat in the Coppa Club igloos without a reservation.

Coppa Club igloos at night with the Tower Bridge in the distance. Find all the best Christmas in London locations here (plus a free map!)
Coppa Club igloos and Tower Bridge at night
London's Coppa Club Tower Bridge igloos overlooking the famous Tower Bridge. Find all the best places to visit in London in December here (plus a free map!)
Coppa Club igloos and Tower Bridge at sunrise
The walkway into the Coppa Club igloos at night - find all the best places to go at Christmas for a winter vacation in London (plus a free map!)
Entryway to the Coppa Club igloos

Tower Bridge & Christmas by the River Market

Start: November 26, 2019
End: January 5, 2020
Closest Tube Station: London Bridge
Verdict: SEE IT

If you want to experience a Christmas market in London, stop by Christmas by the River to enjoy a Christmas market with views of many of London’s most famous landmarks. The market stretches from London Bridge City Pier to the Scoop at More London, following the Queen’s Walk along the River Thames.

From the market, enjoy views of Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Tower of London, and the city skyline. Within the market, enjoy food and drinks, handmade gifts, and even craft workshops.

While Tower Bridge does not have much in terms of holiday decorations, there are usually some Christmas trees with lights up along the river including those in the Christmas market. This offers a unique picture of Tower Bridge to show the holiday season compared to other times of the year. While you are in the area, enjoy the view of Tower Bridge from Christmas by the River Market on one side and the Coppa Club igloos on the other side.

Christmas lights in London are some of the best in the world. Find all the best spots to see Christmas lights in London here (plus a free map!)
Christmas lights in London

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Start: 4 p.m. on November 21, 2019
End: January 5, 2020
Closest Tube Station: Marble Arch, Green Park, Victoria and Knightsbridge (Hyde Park Corner gets busy on weekends)
Verdict: SEE IT (if you like Christmas markets)

Located in Hyde Park, this is the biggest of London’s Christmas festivals. Entry is free, but most things inside cost money. Tickets for the attractions can be purchased now at the event website.

Winter Wonderland includes over 100 fairground rides and attractions (including a 60 meter observation wheel), Santa Land, Christmas markets, themed bars and shows, ice sculpting workshops and the U.K.’s largest open-air ice skating rink.

If you are in London during the days of the Winter Wonderland, stop by and get your fill of Christmas festivities all in one place. Schedule in at least a few hours there one evening. Plan your adventure ahead of time and find out more about the event on the Winter Wonderland website.

The lights on Bond Street are peacock themed at Christmas. Check out this full list of the best Christmas lights in London with a free map!
Bond Street

Carnaby Street

Start: November 7, 2019
End: January 5, 2020
Closest Tube Station: Oxford Circus
Verdict: SEE IT

Carnaby Street is another popular shopping street taken over by Christmas lights each year. In 2017, the theme featured colorful parrots to represent Christmas in warmer parts of the globe. In 2018, the display featured lyrics from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody including a special early ceremony in October with Queen performing.

The 2019 theme of “One Ocean One Planet” focuses on ocean conservation. The display uses 1,500 recycled plastic bottles as well as repurposed fishing nets. The display features a kelp garden and model sea creatures including a 5 meter (16 foot) whale that blows bubbles.

Carnaby at Christmas also includes discounts at the local shops and restaurants. Last year, most places offered 20% off on the night of the ceremony to switch on the lights. The lights typically turn on in early November each year.

Carnaby Christmas lights change each year to a new theme Click here for the ultimate guide to Christmas lights in London including a free map!
Carnaby Christmas Lights
Light bulb art installation in Carnaby. Find all the best Christmas lights in London here (plus a free map!)
Permanent light bulb art installation

Christmas Decorations in Covent Garden

Start: November 12, 2019
End: January 5, 2020
Closest Tube Station: Covent Garden
Verdict: SEE IT

We missed Covent Garden, but I would recommend seeing it if possible. We did not have time to see it on our one night in December, and the Christmas decorations disappeared before we returned in early January.

The Christmas decorations in Covent Garden every year look spectacular though. Last year, the decorations included 40 mistletoe chandeliers and 700 sparkling berries in addition to a huge Christmas tree. Over 115,000 lights were used in 2018.

When the Covent Garden Christmas lights switch on, it is a big event. In 2017, Kylie Minogue turned on the lights. In 2018, Paloma Faith did the honors. The cast of Matilda and the Kingdom Choir (they sang at Harry and Meghan’s wedding too) performed as well in 2018.

The performers for 2019 include the West End cast of The Snowman. The celebrity who turns on the light is usually a secret until the event takes place in mid-November. This year, the lights were turned on by actress Emilia Clarke, Dame Emma Thompson, and Director Paul Feig of Last Christmas after filming it in Covent Garden in 2018.

Covent Garden is good for pictures any time of the day or night. Not all of the holiday decorations involve lights, so some make the perfect backdrop for daytime photos as well. If you have a chance to stop by, definitely take the time to see what they create in 2019. Don’t miss out on nearby Seven Dials while you are there.

Regent Street Spirit of Christmas angels spanning the street. Click here for the ultimate guide to Christmas lights in London including a free map!
Regent Street

Trafalgar Square

Start: December 5, 2019
End: Early January
Closest Tube Station: Oxford Circus
Verdict: SKIP IT

Usually the last of the London Christmas lights to be switched on, Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree has a long history. Norway gifts this tree to the people of London every year as a way to thank them for their support during World War II.

Every year since 1947, a 25 meter tall tree is chopped down in Norway and shipped to London. Once it arrives in London, it is draped with fairy lights and turned on for the holiday season. Throughout the holidays, there are other events that take place in Trafalgar Square as well including concerts and a nativity.

While I love the history of the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, it is not nearly as impressive looking as many of the other London Christmas displays. After seeing Regent Street and Oxford Street the same night, it was underwhelming. If you have time to see it or are in the area, go check it out. If not, skip it instead of taking a special trip for it.

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, a historical tradition in London. Find all the best places to see Christmas lights in London here plus a free map!
Trafalgar Square

Other London Christmas Light Displays

Since we only had one night in London in December, we had to see what we could that night. When we returned the first week of January, many of the displays were already closed for the season. If you have more time or are looking for other displays as options, here are other commonly mentioned Christmas light displays in London:

Brunswick Center Christmas Lights: The area features a large Christmas tree made of lights and turns on November 16, 2019.

Kew Gardens: In 2018, Kew Gardens promised a display with a million lights, and 2019 promises to be just as spectacular. Follow the 2 kilometer (1.2 mile) trail through the lighted decorations, a laser garden and boats glowing on the lake. This display usually opens later in November (November 17, 2019 – January 5, 2020).

Marylebone Village Christmas Lights: Switching on in mid-November (November 13, 2019), these lights give the area a magical feel with simple designs stretching out over the streets.

Northbank Christmas Lights: With snowflakes and ornaments made of lights crossing the Strand, these lights also switch on in mid-November (December 2, 2019).

Angels hang across Regent Street at Christmas as part of the Spirit of Christmas display in London. Check out this full guide to Christmas lights in London and get a free map to plan your trip!
Regent Street

The Shard Christmas Lights: There is no switching on ceremony, but the top 20 floors of The Shard light up for the Christmas season. Keep your eyes open for the show every half an hour from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. In the 2018 show, the colors mirrored those of the London sky from the colors of a sunrise through the sunset to the dark blue of twilight. The 2019 show was designed by local school children. On New Year’s Eve, there is a special light show starting at midnight and lasting into the early hours of the morning.

Sloane Square & Duke of York Square: Sparkling snowflakes made of lights hanging from trees and Christmas trees covered in lights brighten up these Chelsea squares starting in mid-November (November 23, 2019).

Syon Park’s Enchanted Woodland: The Enchanted Woodland in Brentford End features an illuminated trail that takes about an hour to walk. The 600-year-old garden transforms with Christmas lights and decorations, and the Great Conservatory is a favorite for pictures. The Enchanted Woodland typically opens in November and closes the first weekend in December. In 2019, it opens for weekends from November 15 through December 1. Tickets sell out, so purchase them ahead of time. Tickets can be purchased here and start at £10.

Wembley Park Christmas Lights: Stop and check out the Light Maze in Wembley Park, perfect for colorful Instagram pictures. The glass panels that make up the maze reflect lights in all colors throughout the maze.

Oxford Street Christmas lights with a double decker bus in London near sunrise. Click here for tips to find all the best Christmas lights in London including a free map!
Oxford Street


This map contains all of the locations listed above. It is separated into two layers, one for the locations listed as the best Christmas lights in London and the other layer for the additional Christmas lights you may want to see. You can toggle between the layers using the button at the top left of the map or view all of the locations at once to make it easier to plan your Christmas in London.

How to Get the Best Pictures of the London Christmas Lights

The best thing about the major London Christmas light displays is they don’t turn off at night. Because the Christmas lights are on all night, you can avoid the crowds by going late at night or early in the morning.

We went around 8 p.m. the first night, and even in the rain, crowds filled the sidewalks. When we came back to London, we went early in the morning on a Saturday. No one was out, and pretty much the only vehicles around were the double-decker buses and the black taxi cabs.

The best time to go for pictures is around sunrise or just after it for Regent Street and Oxford Street. The lights are still on since they do not turn off at night. The sky is a little brighter with the sun rising, making it easier to get crisp photos. If you want photos at night, go late at night or even in the early morning hours to avoid the crowds.

A tripod will make it easier to get clear photos at night as your shutter speed may have to be lower to capture the lights. Shooting with a wide aperture (f/1.4 – f/2.8 for example) will also help allow more light with a faster shutter speed. Keep in mind that a wide aperture will give you a shallow depth of field though. This works well if you only want the lights in the front or the person in the photo to be in focus.

Keep in mind that batteries do not last as long in the cold. My phone kept shutting down when I tried to take pictures on it because of the cold. My camera battery was okay, but take an extra just in case. If you are shooting on your phone, take a portable charger with you or keep the phone in a pocket so your body heat can keep it warmer when you are not using it.

Walking down the median in Oxford Street near sunrise with the Christmas lights still on. Check out this full guide to Christmas lights in London including a free map to plan your trip.
Oxford Street near sunrise
A woman standing in the median on Regent Street at Christmas with the angels twinkling above. Click here for tips to get the best photos at Christmas in London of all the best displays including a free map.
Regent Street at night – a tripod would have made this shot better

Why You Should Visit London at Christmas

London is absolutely magical at Christmas. The Christmas decorations are some of the best I have seen throughout Europe and the U.S. If you can visit London in December or the first few days of January, you can take advantage of the season to see most of these displays. Even if you visit in late November, you can still experience some of the Christmas magic.

London is amazing all year long, but Christmas is extra special thanks to the beautiful holiday displays throughout the city. If it isn’t already there, add London to your winter vacation bucket list!

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Looking for more Christmas inspiration but in a warmer climate? Check out this list of things to do in Orlando at Christmas.

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When London's Christmas Lights turn on, it is magical. Find out the best Christmas lights in London here. Click here for a guide to all the best Christmas lights for a perfect Christmas in London including a free map! #london | #christmas | London Christmas | Christmas in London | London at Christmas | London at Christmas time | London in winter | winter in London | London streets | best London Christmas lights | best Christmas lights in London | London things to do in | things to do in London | things to do in London in winter | things to do in London at Christmas | London travel guide The best Christmas lights in London on Regent Street and Oxford Street.

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    1. What a great post! I’ve been to London but never during the holidays. It looks magical and so pretty with all the lights! I would love to visit at this time. ????

      1. Thank you! London at Christmas is a special thing for sure – it definitely takes on an extra magical feel. I hope you can make it to London for the Christmas lights one year!

    1. I would LOVE to go back to London at Christmas! Thanks for including a map, that’s incredibly helpful!! I love all the pictures

      1. Thank you! It’s the first time I included a map, so I’m glad you like it. London at Christmas is a special place, and I hope you can go for the holidays one year!

        1. I moved to London earlier this year so this coming Christmas will be my first there – I didn’t know about some of these so will have to go and explore! I can see the Shard from my office window, so it will be fab to see that all lit up for Christmas in the evenings too!

          1. What an amazing office view! I wouldn’t get much work done with a view like that to distract me 🙂 You are going to love being in London at Christmastime, so definitely take advantage of the early sunsets to go explore!

    1. I’ve never been to London during the Christmas season but after looking at your photos I feel like I’ve been missing out! Think I may just have to make a trip there this December!

      1. I hope you can! It is such a beautiful place anyways, but at Christmas, London really outdoes itself!

    1. I remember going to see Christmass lights and New Years in London 4 years ago. They were absolutely spactacular. I love your guide, cause it could be hard to find a good ones and this blog makes it so much easier!

      1. Thank you so much! We missed New Year’s because we were in Paris, but I loved the Christmas lights – the best I have seen for sure. We had a hard time finding a guide to the London Christmas lights when we went, so hopefully this will help people plan their trip.

    1. Love the Christmas Lights in London! And the Christmas markets are at least interesting! Just a bit more Christmas music would be nice! This is different to other destinations like the US or other european cities, where Christmas music is everywhere…

      1. True – I wasn’t as impressed with the Christmas markets in London as many of the other European cities, but they do have the best Christmas lights I have seen.

    1. The Chritmas lights in London are definitly a show not to miss! I love the ones on Regent Street! I took a bus tour almost 3 years ago to see the lights and it was great!

      1. Regent Street is so beautiful at Christmas – I love the angels there! So glad you got to see them – a bus tour sounds like a great way to get around and see them all.

    1. Ahh, I love love London. Studied there for a few months and I’ve been back a few times since then, but never during the Christmas season. I love the city so much already and this post makes me want to head to skyscanner to look for flights for London in December 🙂

      1. Do it 🙂 I loved London already fromna previous visit, but Christmas there is just extra special and they really go the extra mile with the decorations.

      1. Thank you! Regent Street at Christmas is hard to beat. I love the Christmas markets in Europe, so I’d love to try a Christmas in Manchester at some point.

    1. Loved this post! Christmas is my favourite time of year and I adore visiting the lights in whatever country I’m in. I’ll admit Christmas has been a little odd for the last year being in Australia – a hot Christmas was weird and I couldn’t really get in the spirit! I visited London a few years ago to see the lights and they were amazing! Here’s to hopefully getting there this year!

      1. I live in Florida, so I’ve only ever done hot Christmases until we went to London and Europe for winter a couple of times. I have to say that Europe does more Christmas decorations than the US in general, and I loved all the Christmas markets and lights! I hope you can make it again this year!

    1. All of these lights are so elaborate and impressive! I would love to see them all at Christmas! The Regent Street angel is one of my favourites, but I also love the Bond Street peacock theme! 🙂

      1. I love both of those too. I also love the simplicity of the balls of lights on Oxford Street. London at Christmas is just amazing!

    1. Great Post!

      Although I have to admit, as it changes every year, some years the best places are totally different! Oxford street was a bit rubbish for a few years, then one year they had christmas lights with marmite. Some of them showed santa and the elves throwing up (while others had them loving the marmite…)

      The year you visited Carnaby Street looked a bit boring, but normally that is my favourite!

      1. Carnaby didn’t really impress me so much, but a lot of the decorations were taken down by the time we went. I know from seeing pictures of other years that it has been better other times. That’s too funny that Oxford Street thought that was a good idea – glad they have turned it around and hope they don’t backtrack this year. I’d love to come back and see them again, especially since so many of the lights do change themes each year. Hoping they are all good this year!

        1. Me too! I think we’ll pop home for Christmas so I’ll let you know if they are good again. 😀

          1. Yes, please do! There is a slim chance we have a layover there in December. If so, I’m hoping to make it overnight so we can go explore real quick 🙂

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    1. I agree that London is beautiful at Christmas. My husband and I went on our honeymoon to London over Christmas and it was so magical. I’m itching to go back this Christmas, but we’ll see where we end up.

      1. What a beautiful way to spend your honeymoon! I’m hoping to go back soon too for Christmas – hopefully it works out for both of us one year!

      1. We did Paris at New Year’s the same year, and we got to see some of the Christmas decorations still up. Love both Paris and London at Christmas!

    1. Wow! I didn’t know London looked so beautiful in Christmas! You’re right, if there was just time for one, I’d choose to see the one at Regent Street too 🙂

      1. Regent Street at Christmas is tough to beat. I haven’t seen a city do Christmas decorations better than London yet.

    1. London is so special at Christmas!!! Europe does Christmas markets and lights so well!!

      1. I completely agree! I’d love to explore more of Europe at Christmas!

    1. London looks sooo amazing during Christmas!! I would love to visit to see all these beautiful sights! your pics are beautiful btw!

    1. London is so spectacular at night. Looking forward to visiting during the holiday season one day 🙂

      1. Thank you! I’d love to go back and see it again one year – it’s a beautiful display!

    1. London is one of the places I’ve always dreamt of going for Christmas shopping and Christmas markets! I hope I make that dream a reality some day soon <3

    1. London wasn’t really on my radar for the Christmas season until I saw this post! I had no idea how gorgeous the lights are! We’ll definitely be planning a trip here next year while the lights are still up.

      And thank you for adding photography tips, too! I am still a super beginner with shooting at night and I accidentally had our exposure way too low (I think that’s how you would say it lol ) and ruined a bunch of our pictures from our last trip to Tokyo!

      But oh well, I guess that’s part of the learning process lol.

      1. I’m so glad you’re going to plan a trip to see the lights! I had to learn about taking pictures that were too dark the hard way too, so I figured I would help others learn before they go 🙂

    1. All these locations look beautiful, especially Trafalgar square. I’ve never been to London but I’m majorly inspired to spend Christmas there. Thank you!

      1. Thank you so much! I hope you can visit London at Christmas one day!

    1. These lights look beautiful! I lived in London one winter a long time ago and I don’t remember the lights being so great, maybe they’ve stepped things up since the year 2000! haha. Great post and photography.

      1. Thank you! They might have upped their game. I feel like they are always trying to outdo themselves now 🙂

    1. I wish there were as many places here in Melbourne to see Christmas lights as London! The angel lights along Regent St are seriously stunning!

      1. Thank you! I feel the same about Orlando. London does Christmas right!

      1. It really is amazing. London at Christmas is truly magical! Hope you can go one day!

    1. I came back to say I’ve seen a few photos of Carnaby street this year. It’s an under the sea world made of recycled plastic. I hope I can pop by and see it. <3

    1. I would loveee to go back to London this time of the year. The whole city gets so magical and I especially like the Christmas Decorations in Covent Garden.

      1. London has the best Christmas lights and Christmas decorations of anywhere I’ve been. I’d love to go back again one day!

      1. I do too. I think I could go back to London at Christmas every year and not get tired of it!

    1. I used to live near London for a while and feel like I never took advantage of being able to see all these lights! I’m also gutted that I missed out on the Bohemian Rhapsody lights, I can’t remember if they were last year or the year before but they were around Carnaby Street and they looked SO COOL.

      1. I think they were last year, but I can’t remember now. It’s amazing how we take things for granted when they are nearby. Hopefully you can return to see the lights again one day!

    1. These pictures put me in the mood for Christmas. They are magical, as is London during the holiday.

    1. […] Christmas in London is a special time of year. The city goes all out with Christmas decorations. The ceremony to turn on the lights at Oxford Street brings a million people to the area and big name performers. If you are in London near Christmas, checking out the Christmas lights and Christmas decorations is a must. […]

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