The Coppa Club igloos in London by the Tower Bridge are a popular place to eat. Find out how much it costs and how to eat there with or without a reservation.

How to Eat in London’s Coppa Club Igloos Without a Reservation

Eating in an igloo might be something on your bucket list. I didn’t know it was on mine until we booked cheap flights to London as a way to get to Belgium to see family last year.

I knew the Coppa Club igloos existed from seeing them on Instagram, but assumed they were too expensive. When we happened to walk by them our first night in London, we decided to ask about eating there only to find out they book months in advance.

Unfortunately, we did not book the igloos before the trip. Fortunately, we found a way to eat in the Coppa Club Tower Bridge igloos without a reservation. If you are planning to eat in the Coppa Club igloos in 2020, book it as soon as they open the reservations. Otherwise, use our little trick to eat in the igloos without booking in advance.

We had one night in London at the start of our trip and spent three days in London at the end of our trip two weeks later. Thanks to a helpful waiter that first night, we were able to dine in an igloo just by walking in.

Even if you don’t want to eat in the igloos, they are still worth a quick stop to see them or take some pictures. The photos of the igloos are some of my most liked photos on Instagram (see my top Instagram tips here).

Chances are, if you go to London, you’ll want to see the nearby Tower Bridge and Tower of London anyways. If you visit London at Christmas, you can add Coppa Club to your list of places to see Christmas lights.

The Coppa Club igloos are available all year except the few days between seasons when they change the theme. The 2019-2020 winter Coppa Club igloos have a woodlands theme featuring candles, blankets, cruelty-free sheepskin rugs, and evergreen trees.

In the summer, the igloos transform into a summer theme with a fun vibe. For 2019, the theme was Coppa Club Surf Shacks, and 2018’s theme was Tulum Paradise Pods.

In October of 2019, Coppa Club Brighton opened their own igloos making them available for the first time ever at a second Coppa Club location. Bookings for the Coppa Club igloos in Brighton and at the Tower Bridge are now open through January 31, 2020.

Find everything you need to know about dining in the igloos at the Coppa Club Tower Bridge location including how to eat there without a reservation, when to make reservations if you can plan ahead, what the prices and food are like, and when to go for the best pictures.

Sunrise at Coppa Club igloos Tower Bridge. Get there early to eat in the Coppa Club igloos without a reservation


There is no extra fee or charge to eat in the igloos; you just pay for the food and drinks you order. When I first saw the Coppa Club igloos online, I wanted to eat in one. However, I assumed it would be out of our price range. We are not foodies, and we tend to try to eat cheap in favor of spending the money on other travel expenses. I thought the prices would be outrageous given that it was a special dining experience and in London.

It turns out I was wrong. The menu is the same as eating inside Coppa Club. There is no upcharge or extra fee for eating in the igloo.

We ate brunch in the igloo and spent about £20 for both of us. The price would go up with drinks included, but we just had water and I drank a hot chocolate (£3.25). Since we went early, we both enjoyed a short stack of pancakes (£6.95).

Sunrise at Coppa Club igloos - get there early to eat in the Coppa Club igloos without a reservation

You can view all of the menu options for any time of day here. They do have vegan/vegetarian options available.

You can eat inside the restaurant instead of in an igloo, but then you can eat in any Coppa Club London location since the menu options are the same. Coppa Club is a chain restaurant with locations throughout London. You don’t usually need reservations to eat inside although it may be a good idea at the Coppa Club Tower Bridge location, especially if you plan to eat dinner there.

Sunrise at Tower Bridge Coppa Club Igloos


One way to guarantee you can eat in the Coppa Club London igloos is to plan ahead. Reservations for the Coppa Club Tower Bridge pods fill up quickly, so book as early as possible. When we went in January, they were booked for the next two months.

The best way to get in, especially if you want to enjoy dinner, is to plan way in advance and get a reservation. If you live in London or can go anytime, book an igloo to guarantee it.

If you don’t live in London or have set dates, try to get a booking when they release them. Book a Coppa Club igloo on their website or by calling as soon as you know you are going.

Now that the Coppa Club Brighton igloos are open, reservations are filling up fast for the new igloos. They may not be as popular as the London igloos yet, but they are sure to fill up in advance just like the London location soon. To book a Coppa Club Brighton igloo, click here.

They tend to release reservations a few months in advance and in batches. If your dates are not available on the website yet, keep checking back. Reservations are currently open through January 31, 2020, but the bookings fill up fast.


Since I thought it would be expensive and didn’t think about needing reservations, we did not have reservations. We were going to London twice – for one day and then for a couple of days two weeks later at the end of the trip.

When we walked by that first night, we stopped to look at the menu. Once we realized the prices were normal London prices, we asked a waiter about eating there. He told us there were no reservations available until the end of February (this was at the end of December).

Luckily, he didn’t stop there. He told us that we could still manage to eat there. We were all ears. He told us that they keep one of the Coppa Club igloos reserved for walk-ins. This is not ideal if you are a large party, but it works great if you have 2 – 4 in your group.

Even with that one igloo saved for walk-ins, it only seats 8 people at once. It had two tables for two people and one table for four people in it. That means that later in the day and especially near dinner, you may end up waiting an hour or two for a table to clear out.

If you wait and go for dinner, they may close before you are seated. The waiter warned us that the wait time can be 3+ hours for a busy night near dinner.

Thankfully, the waiter told us the secret: get there right at opening. On the weekends, they opened at 9 a.m. We were only there for breakfast on a Saturday and Sunday, so we decided to go for Sunday brunch. We arrived a few minutes before they opened and were seated right near 9 a.m. without a wait.

Inside of the Coppa Club Igloos at Tower Bridge


The best time to photograph the igloos is before they open at 9 a.m. The sunrise in winter is closer to 8 a.m., and it is actually a perfect place to watch the sunrise.

We watched the sunrise from London Bridge with Tower Bridge in view. Then we slowly walked down to the Coppa Club igloos. By the time we got down there around 8:30, we were still the only ones there other than another photographer.

The sun comes up behind Tower Bridge, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise with the igloos and Tower Bridge in view. From the igloos, you can continue over to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London from here. They are both within a few minutes of the Coppa Club igloos. Even if you don’t eat in the pods, you can still check them out on your way to other popular London locations on your itinerary.

The Coppa Club igloos are a popular spot for Instagram photos. Once they open, there will always be people inside the pods. If you want photos of them empty or without others around, make sure to go before they open.

You can still get Instagram-worthy photos after they open too though. You can capture the energy of the London pods with people enjoying dinners and celebrations. Because there are so few of the pods and people stay inside them, the area is not really crowded.

Tower Bridge in London is the perfect place to watch the sunrise before eating in the Coppa Club igloos.


If you are walking in, you want to get there early. We went over to the door around 8:50 – 8:55. They put us on the list for the igloo and told us to give them a few minutes. Sure enough, they came and got us at 9 a.m. and led us to the igloo.

The walk in igloo is the one furthest from Tower Bridge, but you still have a good view of it from inside. We had the igloo to ourselves for about 15 – 20 minutes before a mother and daughter joined us. We only stayed in the igloo for about 30 – 45 minutes, and another couple joined right before we left.

No one used the other igloos during our visit in the morning, but they keep them open for when those with reservations arrive. I am not sure what time people start coming in for reservations.

Thanks to the early arrival, we looked over our menus and placed our orders for pancakes and hot chocolate (for me). Granted, we did not order anything that requires a long time to prepare. However, our food did arrive quickly to the table. The food tasted delicious, and I had to stop myself from ordering more and more of the hot chocolate.

The waitress was very nice and attentive. One of my pancakes was slightly burned, but I didn’t finish my meal anyways. The pancakes were filling, and I knew I would not eat all three of them when they arrived.

I did not say anything because getting a new pancake just meant more food would go to waste. She noticed it and took them off the bill when I did not want a new plate or a drink. That actually made our meal even cheaper, but I would not count on that happening.

Overall, the experience of dining in the igloos was pleasant. In the cold January morning, it was nice to enjoy the view from inside the warmth of the igloo. It was not warm enough for me to take my jacket off (I am a wimp in the cold though!), but it was much better than outside with the bitter wind blowing.

You also have a wonderful view of the Thames River and Tower Bridge from Coppa Club’s igloos. Between the unique experience of eating in an igloo (or surfer shack), the amazing view, the delicious and reasonably priced food, the high quality service, and the perfect location, the Coppa Club igloos deserve a spot on your London bucket list.

Sunrise at Coppa Club igloos by Tower Bridge


Overall, eating in the Coppa Club igloos was one of the highlights of London. The pictures we got there are some of my favorite photos from the trip. The view alone is worth the dining experience. No matter when you visit London, try to eat in the igloos (winter) or Surf Shacks (summer). If you have any questions I missed, let me know in the comments!

Looking for more of our London recommendations? Check out our full 3 day itinerary for London (including Instagrammable spots) here and our full guide to finding the best Christmas lights in London here.

***This post is not sponsored and is based on our experience eating in the Coppa Club igloos without a reservation. All photos are edited with presets you can purchase here (I earn a small commission from purchases at this link at no extra cost to you).

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    1. They look so cosy and would love to experience it one day, I can just imagine how beautiful it looks at sunset!

      1. Sunset would be the perfect time to go too, but make sure to have a reservation or the wait can be hours for dinner.

    1. Hi! Not sure if you can help, but I’m trying to make a reservation in the igloo through their website but I’m not seeing where to select the igloo option they say I need to go to. Any idea where this “Igloo Diary” is located on the web?

      1. I haven’t been through the full process, but I believe that on their website you click to book a table. Then for the location, you would choose the “Coppa Club Tower Bridge – Surfer Shacks” for now. They are called igloos in the winter but are named Surfer Shacks now for this summer. I hope that helps and that you are able to go!

    1. Thanks for sharing. I just checked their website. For Surf Shacks, no table available from now to year 2034. How could that possible? The reservation is filled up for 15 year from now? Something is wrong?

      1. That has to be a glitch in their system. They usually only open them up for 3 – 4 months at a time or a season at most (like summer season and then winter season). I would give it a day or so and then check again. If you are in London, maybe try calling them?

    1. What a beautiful location and those tiny igloos looks great! I think there are similar igloos in Budapest, but on a rooftop with hot pools in them 🙂

      1. That sounds amazing! I know New York and Atlanta had them this past winter as well. I hope they catch on and more place start to have them.

      1. I hope you can! It was such a wonderful experience to eat at Coppa Club with the view of the Thames and Tower Bridge!

      1. I hope you can go! You will love it and get such gorgeous photos!

    1. We lived in London for over a year and always saw these cute little igloos but for some reason we never went to one! We will be visiting in November and I really hope to go! They are stunning and look like such a lovely location to enjoy a meal

      1. I hope you can eat in the igloos when you go! It really is a unique dining experience, and the view is tough to beat!

    1. What a unique and pretty spot to dine! I have been to London but I think before this opened otherwise I would have loved this. I like that it isn’t outrageous to eat at, I would have assumed the opposite like you. Thanks for all the great tips!

      1. You’re welcome! Hopefully you can go back sometime and try it out. I love that they have summer and winter themes for it!

    1. I would looove to eat in these. I’ve always thought it would be overpriced though! Thanks for sharing

      1. That was what we thought too, but the prices are normal. There is no upcharge for eating in the igloos, but I thought there would be.

      1. Definitely worth a try next time! Thankfully we talked to the waiter the first night or we wouldn’t have known!

      1. Oh my goodness – I lived in London for years and was not aware of this at all. How cool and especially as they don’t charge extra and the food is not more expensive. I’ll definitely pin this and go when I next head to London and of course early!

    1. I was JUST in London and am so bummed I didn’t know about this!! Ah well, will keep in mind for next time.

    1. Being from Arizona, I keep thinking that those look SO hot to hang out in. I have to keep reminding myself that this is in London. XD They actually look so cozy with this fluffy chairs. Sounds like a great dining option with awesome views of the river.

      1. Being from Florida, I completely understand! It was so cold there in winter, so the igloos are perfect for still enjoying the view. In the summer, they open them up and give them a summer theme so they stay cooler even on the warm summer days.

    1. These look gorgeous!! We used to live really near there, but I don’t remember ever seeing those igloos. I wonder if they are new-ish!?

      I do LOVE the views along the river there. It sounds perfect for breakfast, then you can walk along the south bank. 😀

      1. I think they are newer – they’ve only been around maybe 3 years or so now I believe. I agree though – I love the views along the river there, especially of Tower Bridge, and it was perfect for a walk before and after breakfast to work off everything we ate in London!

    1. What a unique experience!! I’ve never seen a restaurant in an igloo like that before! That’s awesome you were able to get in even without a reservation!

      1. They are starting to become more popular – I know New York City has some now and so does Atlanta. I hope they continue to catch on because I really like the concept!

    1. I’ve never seen these before, but they look quite charming. Great tips on how to snag a table if you didn’t book months in advance! And amazing waiter for sharing the tip with you guys 🙂

      1. I know! I’m so thankful for that waiter letting us know how to eat in the igloos without a reservation! It’s definitely a unique experience and one that I’m hoping catches on even more in the future.

    1. Ohh, this is stunning! Thank you for sharing. This is added to my list of London expenses when I’m back in London (hopefully next year)! I’d never heard of this!

      1. Thank you! I hope you are able to make it – it’s such a neat experience to eat in the Coppa Club igloos with a view of Tower Bridge even if it is freezing outside!

    1. I’m honestly surprised it isn’t expensive to eat here! It’s such a good location! Can’t wait to go back to London and try out some pancakes here 😀

      1. I was surprised too! I totally expected it to be out of our price range, but it wasn’t bad at all. Hope you can go sometime soon!

    1. I have never heard of the Igloos before, but your post has made me add them to my list of places to see next time I visit London! Thanks for sharing and as always, beautiful pictures! x

      1. Thank you! You would love it and get such amazing photos there. Hope you can go sometime soon!

    1. Wow, this is so cool. Didn’t even know about it, definitely doing this when I’m next in London-town!

      1. Yes – definitely do! It’s a unique dining experience, and the prices aren’t bad at all for London and the view of the Tower Bridge and skyline!

    1. These are so cool. I have to try this next time I am in London. Beautiful, unique, and interesting and with food too. Perfect.

      1. I hope you will! It’s such a neat idea, and I hope it catches on in even more places this year!

    1. I had no clue you could do this in London?! I am surprised it wasn’t too expensive either since most unique places like that charge you out the wazoo! Super cool spot (:

      1. I know! That is what I expected too. I thought there would be an up-charge or a fee for eating in the igloos, so I was shocked when the waiter said it was the regular menu at regular prices.

    1. […] There is no extra cost to dine in the igloos, and the prices are normal London food prices. If you plan to eat in the Coppa Club igloos, book an igloo as soon as possible. Keep checking back if reservations are not open yet for when you plan to go. They tend to release a few months at a time and fill up quickly. If you can’t get a reservation, click here to find out how to eat in the igloos without a reservation. […]

    1. Oh thats so so cool!
      I saw a similay thing in Budapest, but with hot tubs on the rooftop – kinda cool aswell 😀

      1. Thank you! The igloos in Budapest sound amazing as well. We loved the igloos at Coppa Club Tower Bridge, and I’m glad to see more places are starting to catch on with the idea.

    1. […] Coppa Club sits in the centre of London, beside Tower Bridge. It is a space for unwinding and eating and drinking. For such a beautiful and unique place in London, the prices are very reasonable, a coffee costing between £2-£3. To sit outside in the igloos overlooking the river, it is recommended that you book in advance, especially if you are with a group. However, if it is quiet, you may be able to get a table in one whilst it is free, it’s always worth the ask. […]

    1. I can’t believe you paid full price for the London Eye. There are plenty of 2 for 1 offers around and they include many other London attractions too. Google London 2 for 1 offers

      1. We don’t usually plan our trips ahead of time, so it was one of those things where we were walking by and were like, “Want to?” Neither of us said no, so we did it and then found out afterwards that neither of us really cared about doing it – whoops! Good to know there are discounts for it though!

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